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Case Study Muse

What is Muse?

Muse is a website builder that enables its users to create websites as virtual worlds and 3D experiences without the use of code. Creators can upload their own 3D models, audios, videos and much more. This empowers its users to make creative and innovative 3D websites in place of the traditional 2D websites.  

The Challenge: Need for Optimized 3D Models

For creators who intend on creating environments with a lot of 3D models, there are some limitations to be aware of. Firstly, Muse has a limit on how many polygons an imported model can have (40K polygons). Secondly, the size of the models influences the general size of the website which in turn affects the loading speed of the created website. 

Muse & DGG RapidCompact – Case Study & Showcase 

Thanks to our RapidCompact Cloud technology, we were able to easily solve the abovementioned limitations. We decided to create a showcase to show what a 3D website with multiple high-quality assets could look like.

Firstly, we decimated models that had more than 40K polygons, for example the display cabinet shown below. The original version has about 76K polygons and is 29.2 MB while the final version is 25K polygons and is only 1.75MB. Despite the model being much smaller there is almost no discernible difference between the original and the optimized model. 

All the other models were also optimized to ensure the created website could run as fast as possible. The end result was an apparel shop demo webpage with some very high-quality models that also runs very smoothly. To see how you can keep the sheen effect of the sofa check out our recent model of the month.

Link to the showcase: DGG_Showcase (muse.place)

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