RapidCompact becomes RapidPipeline - learn more

We’re excited to announce that RapidCompact will become RapidPipeline! 

The rebranding of our product goes hand in hand with several new features. This means we’re delivering a single, powerful platform. Our #1 focus and mission:

Building the world’s best 3D tools that help you streamline your 3D workflows, with ease! 

New features include our popular novel DCC importer (previously: RapidPBR). As one of the next steps after the first release, our QC tools, allowing for automated quality checks, will follow as well. 

We stay committed as usual to best possible interoperability with all kinds of applications and base whatever we can on open standards (including glTF, USD, OpenPBR, and MaterialX). 





FAQ on RapidPipeline 

In the following, you can find our answers to the most common questions:


When will RapidPipeline be available? 

RapidPipeline will officially launch August 1st, at SIGGRAPH 2024 and on Product Hunt.

Existing RapidCompact users and those interested in beta access will be able to use RapidPipeline already from July 15th. RapidCompact will still be available during that time. From August 1st, the new RapidPipeline platform will be used for all accounts, and will include all of RapidCompact’s features as well as several new features.


What does RapidPipeline do and where is it useful? 

  • RapidPipeline enables organizations to streamline 3D model data preparation for eCommerce, Digital Twins, Gaming and other use cases, at scale.  
  • RapidPipeline is focused on streamlining and automating 3D model data preparation workflows from DPC (Digital Product Creation), CAD and 3D scanning. With data from all these various sources, it enables you to perfectly serve all kinds of possible downstream 3D / XR applications. 
  • Areas in which users successfully leverage RapidPipeline include 3D in browser, mobile AR, VR, games, virtual store planning, virtual showrooms, and more.


What does RapidPipeline not do? 

  • RapidPipeline does not create 3D content from scratch. Instead, it allows you to make the best and most performant optimized assets out of your existing 3D content. 
  • RapidPipeline is not primarily a 3D CMS (even though it has basic content management features), but it can allow you to build your own 3D CMS easily. RapidPipeline is already used for this purpose by leading platform companies around the world. 
  • RapidPipeline does not create any actual 3D / XR applications for you. Instead, it helps you to leverage automation and presets to get your 3D content ready, continuously, for all of your target applications. 


I have a RapidCompact Cloud subscription, what will happen to my account and data? 

Your rapidcompact.com subscription will simply be transitioned to the rapidpipeline.com domain. Your assets will stay in place too! 


What subscription options will be there for the RapidPipeline Cloud, and what happens with my existing RapidCompact cloud subscription? 

We will offer new RapidPipeline plans, which we believe will be more affordable for very most use cases, and in general more attractive. Unfortunately, we encountered some abuse in the Free plan, which is why it will get a bit more restrictive. However, for all paid plans, there will be much lower entry barriers – starting from only 9$ / 9€ per month. In addition, the “pay per optimization” model will be retired. Instead, we will scale the plans based on your imports, for which you can then generate an unlimited number of exports, application variants or LODs per model, without any extra charge. We will contact you closer to the release date with a detailed overview of the new plans, so you can decide then if you’d like to make the switch. 


I am having a RapidCompact cloud subscription and I use the V1 or V2 REST API. Will it keep functioning after the release? 

Yes, of course! The ability to continue your application based on our REST API remains always highest priority. We will continue to offer the V1 and V2 REST APIs after the release via the usual rapidcompact.com URL. For the upcoming V3 REST API, used via rapidpipeline.com, there will be a migration guide, in case you’re interested in moving to the new API. V3 will bring many performance improvements and allow you to use new features from RapidPipeline, therefore we recommend to check out the migration guide at some point after the release. We will notify all API users once the guide is available and then you can decide if, or when, you’d like to make the switch, and you will also be able to experiment by running both in parallel. 


I have a RapidCompact CLI license, can I still use this part individually? 

Absolutely! Components remain available individually, and they work together as a powerful modular system. The architecture is open enough to support modular pipelines and workflows, and we do not use any own proprietary formats but only common 3D & 2D formats – so you get maximum interoperability with your existing tooling and applications. 


Is there also an on-premise version of RapidPipeline? 

Yes, there is an on-prem version as well, including all the essential tools for batch processing. Enterprises rely on it to process 3D data within their own ecosystem for maximum data privacy. 

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