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Scale – from pilot to production.

Enable your business to move from a few pilot projects to handling full content portfolios, and unlock new use cases and target applications to maximize the value of your 3D data.

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RapidCompact supports a wide range of 3D file formats: .fbx, .gltf, .obj, .max, .vrm, .usd, .usdz, and many more.

Handle 3D content from many sources.

Today, there’s a massive variety of methods for 3D content creation – from CAD and DCC tools to 3D scanning and AI. RapidCompact lets you handle 3D data from all of these sources in a single, automated pipeline.

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RapidCompact can be deployed anywhere on cloud or on premise.

Deploy anywhere.

Web UI, REST API, private cloud, on-premise Docker container or CLI? Whatever is right for your project stage and needs, RapidCompact adapts to them and helps you stay focused on the right outcomes.

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The perfect solution for any project stage.

Tailored for tech artists and developers shaping 3D pipelines, RapidCompact stands out as the ultimate in flexibility, scalability, and customization. Our automation platform grows seamlessly with your expanding use cases, delivering top-tier quality at the most economical cost and minimal carbon footprint. Elevate your 3D pipelines with unmatched efficiency.

RapidCompact Cloud

The best choice for a quick start via our free plan for everyone. Advanced features include a REST API for all your optimization needs.

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RapidCompact CLI

The powerful, world-leading on-premise solution that lets your company process 3D data at massive scale – all inside your own IT infrastructure.

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World-Leading 3D Optimization

All-in-one 3D Optimization

RapidCompact is not only reducing the 3D mesh size (decimation), but also takes care of scene graph optimization (reducing draw calls), texture baking, unwrapping UVs, and much more. For example, it is capable of preserving and simplifying multiple materials by baking material information from inputs such as vertex/material colors and mesh normal/texture data onto a unified atlas with a single PBR material. In addition, RapidCompact offers various powerful compression algorithms to further decrease file size resulting in faster real-time rendering of 3D content.

  • All these features are neatly packaged into RapidCompact platform pre-sets for one-click-delivery to the right format and size for a given XR platform, WebGL, or custom use-cases.
  • Alternatively, all the Optimization Features can be set up as configuration settings to enable fully automatic batch processing on whole 3D asset libraries using the REST API or CLI.

Polygon decimation

RapidCompact’s unique approach to mesh decimation allows for the most efficient and quality preserving polygon reduction: Additional configurable settings will make the automated decimation workflow a perfect match for your 3D pipeline and use case.

  • High-quality results, even with small polygon counts
  • Preservation of boundaries and adjustment of topological errors
  • Configuration options: Maximize Geometric Quality, Weighted Simplification, Adaptive vs Equalized Polygon Distribution


Material Baking

  • RapidCompact supports PBR materials, as well as some more advanced shaders for USDZ and glTF outputs (PBR Next extensions and much more).
  • The optimization process will adapt to the complexity of the input and produce the most performant output while preserve visual fidelity.
  • Preserves various PBR material inputs such as Physical Mat and Stingray PBS
  • USDZ preview surface support (incl. Clear coat and ior)
  • Bakes normal maps from input
  • Optional occlusion map baking
  • Tiled textures preservation + baking in 2nd UV Atlas
  • Preservation of texture transforms

Draw-Call Reduction

  • With RapidCompact whole 3D scenes can be optimized to cost only one draw call on your end device. This is possible through scene flattening and single atlas optimization.
  • Even complex 3D inputs with intricate materials or animation will result in the smallest number of draw calls as possible.


Optimization Tools

RapidCompact comes with advanced optimization tools, enabling further cleanup and simplification of avoidably complex input data.

  • Removal of mesh lumps or small features especially when it comes to clean-up of 3D scanned data
  • Interior geometry remover



With RapidCompact’s state-of-the-art compression features even the most complex 3D data gets easily digestible on any device without altering the visual fidelity at all.

  • Most up-to-date compression techniques
  • Draco & dracoLossy mesh compression
  • Basis Texture Compression (ktx)


Delivery Presets

Choose from a variety of general or platform specific presets and let the software do the rest. is also possible to simply create a custom preset for a batch of datasets or even a whole product line!

  • Presets that automatically meet strict requirements for various delivery platforms
  • General presets that meet recommended settings for target devices
  • Optional custom presets


What users say about RapidCompact

“RapidCompact has become an integral part of our asset workflow. Drive Customizer platform relies on RapidCompact to provide fast, reliable, and high-quality 3D asset optimization, a process that can also be tailored to specific needs.”

Sergey Stoma
Drive Commerce
RapidCompact partner Drive commerce logo

“RapidCompact is the go-to optimization tool for our 3D asset pipeline, helping us bring versatile 3D content to our customers with decimation and automated file conversions that are quick and accurate.”

Paul Teall

“This is by far and above the best mesh optimization tool & library. I’ve laid my hands on […]. If you have needs in this space, you must evaluate this solution.”

Pär Winzell
RapidCompact partner META Logo

“We’ve been using RapidCompact over a year now. It’s allowing us to do things which were once impossible.”

Albert Ortig
RapidCompact partner roomle logo

“We are able to save up to 80% time when using RapidCompact compared to a manual workflow.”

Christopher Diederichs
Atelier Markgraph
RapidCompact partner Atelier Markgraph logo

“With RapidCompact you can easily process you entire database. It really makes your 3D pipeline scalable.”

Tobias Nientiedt
Otto logo

“Many industries are waking up to the need to provide high-quality 3D images of their products. But the assets used on consumer-facing websites need to be significantly smaller than the original raw 3D data – which is where RapidCompact comes in. It’s smart, it’s fast, and it’s a one-click solution, making the optimization process super-easy.”

Sascha Rybarczyk
botspot logo

“RapidCompact is truly a game changer for our scalable 3D production pipeline.”

Joakim Tennfors

“With RapidCompact, we experience impressive optimization of 3D models. RapidCompact enables a level of quality and storage reduction that surpasses our previous methods. Thanks to the efficient optimization and compression provided by RapidCompact, the complex CAD models of our customers can be displayed on mobile devices in seconds, with high quality.“

Nina Blömer

Up to 10x faster processing

Compared to other solutions, RapidCompact provides up to 10x speed and throughput – thanks to a decade of intense R&D. Best for your timeline, for your wallet, and for the environment.

The leading solution, for the best results

RapidCompact has been developed over one decade with a laser focus on industry needs, and battle-tested on millions on assets in practice so that you can make sure to always deliver the best results.

Start your RapidCompact journey today

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