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Nubikk, a well-known shoe brand from Netherlands, partnered with RapidCompact user Fibbl to increase shoe sales and drive e-commerce conversion by using real-time 3D and 360° videos.  

In their recent case study Fibbl and Nubikk compared the sales performance of shoes through e-mail marketing with 360° videos vs. standard 2D photos. Their A/B tests resulted in a significant 8.1% increase in sales when using 360° videos compared to 2D photos.  

The 3D-generated videos (GIFs) were created from scanned 3D models which were processed through RapidCompact for improved performance and faster rendering of the videos – and naturally, 3D-generated videos are just the start 

While case studies usually include a limited number of products, a large catalog of products requires solutions that scale. Fibbl has chosen RapidCompact as their solution to process thousands of scanned 3D models for real-time web and XR applications. Fibbl implemented the RapidCompact API into their production pipeline which enabled them to process over 5.000 3D models automatically and provide compressed glTF and USDZ models for compatibility with desktop web browsers, android and iOS mobile devices. The RapidCompact API implementation was simple and fast, due to a good online documentation and production proven infrastructure.  



Joakim Tennfors (Head of Production, Fibbl) said:  

Fibbl’s mission of mass-producing 3D models of consumer goods means that we need to cut time and cost without jeopardising quality. That is why we are using DGG’s RapidCompact as an integral part of our production pipeline. 

With RapidCompact’s easy-to-implement API we are able to automatically compress and convert our high quality 3D models for all of our relevant applications, saving an immeasurable amount of time of manual work because of the sheer volume of 3D models we produce. 

It is truly a game changer for our scalable 3D production pipeline.”    


Congrats to Fibbl on their success on building a high quality production pipeline with RapidCompact and for proving their success with this case study and Nubikk. 


More about the case study from Fibbl here 


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