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RapidCompact offers unparalleled speed and ease of use when converting and optimizing complex 3D models for real-time 3D applications and environments. Whether your 3D models are modeled by hand or scanned 3D data, you will get to real-time ready 3D models like GLB, GLTF or USDZ within minutes, not hours. 

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3D for Web, AR and Metaverse with ease

Why spend hours or days to turn complex 3D data into lightweight 3D models for fast loading e-commerce websites, for augmented reality on mobile devices or metaverse worlds. RapidCompact offers the fastest automated optimization platform on the planet used by renowned agencies, studios, and enterprises worldwide to save time and money.

Why use RapidCompact ?

DGG RaüidCompact new UI

Easy to Use

The intuitive web interface makes optimizing, converting, and viewing 3D models a simple task for anyone. Upload, manage, process, convert, view, and download your models all within a web browser.

  • Upload multiple 3D models at once
  • Use predefined factory presets your preferred 3D application or device
  • Create custom presets with your own settings
  • Automatically process 3D models within minutes, not hours
  • View 3D models in a custom 3D viewer or in AR
  • Download processed 3D models directly
DGG RapidCompact Multi-Uploader

Multi-Format Support

RapidCompact supports most common 3D model formats and allows drag and drop uploading of up to 100 3D models at once with the multi-file-uploader.

  • FBX
  • OBJ
  • GLB / GLTF
  • PLY
  • STL
  • STEP
  • IGES / IGS

DCC Importer

DCC Importer is your bridge from your virtual photo studio into the wide world of interactive 3D content. It ensures that your assets seamlessly transition from high-fidelity renders to real-time applications, all while preserving your creative vision. Say goodbye to compatibility headaches and hello to a streamlined workflow with DCC Importer! 

  • Material Flattening & Preservation
  • Efficient Material Classification System
  • Handling Compley Blending Operators
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Uncompressed Outputs for Flexibility
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DGG RapidCompact Preset Editor

Custom Preset Editor

  • Create custom presets with your own settings
  • Use screenspace target size for simple LOD creation
  • Use MB target size and let RapidCompact decide for best optimization settings
  • Define maximum limits for number of faces or MB
  • Define up to 3 output file formats for each preset
  • Define custom texture sizes and formats per channel
  • Use geometry compression (draco)
  • Use custom texture formats per channel and compression (jpg, png, ktx, WebP)
DGG RapidCompact Screen Optimized Models

3D Asset Management

  • Gallery view with 360° thumbnails
  • View technical details of optimized 3D models
  • Powerful search for names or labels
  • Use custom labels for categorization
  • Download models directly from gallery

Augmented Reality and 3D Viewer

  • View 3D models with any android or iOS mobile device in AR
  • Create custom 3D web viewer for each model
  • Adjust lighting with HDRIs and camera settings
  • Adjust background with HDRI or custom colors
  • Add and adjust shadows
  • Add 2D logos with custom weblinks
  • Add 3D measurement tool
  • Create iframe embeds for any website
  • Measure viewing statistics
DGG RapidCompact Multi Devices

No installation required

RapidCompact can be used directly in a web browser, no matter which browser, system or device you use. All processing is done on cloud servers to ensure fast and seemless workflows on your device.

  • Runs in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer
  • Runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • Runs on mobile devices with compatible browsers
  • Offload processing from your own system
  • A fully custom cloud setup can be installed locally (get in touch for more)
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Future Proof

Our company DGG has significantly contributed to the GLTF standard at the Khronos group for standardization. We heavily invest in research and strive to offer the best possible solution for everyone. We see USD as an important column for the future of realtime 3D and metaverse applications.

  • Your uploaded data remains on our servers – we don´t delete your files.
  • We constantly improve USD support for import and export
  • We constantly improve GLTF support (now supporting GLTF 2.0)
  • We constantly improve our core geometry and material optimization technologies

Technical Features

3D Data in the Cloud

Upgrade your CMS with 3D processing capabilities. Through the intuitive Web UI or with the powerful REST API, Rapid Compact gets your 3D content ready for real-time use-cases in seconds.

  • Automatic import filters (scaling, units, orientation, 3D clean-up operations, asset classification)
  • Optimization via pre-sets covering all requirements for deployment to various real-time platforms and devices
  • 3D CMS with spatial asset analysis, search, tagging, and thumbnail renderings
  • 3D browser-based viewer with embed feature including embed editor with advanced settings (scene lighting, camera, measuring, branding)
  • Batch processing via API calls (optimization, thumbnail rendering, search, tagging, 3D viewer embeds)

Import Filters

Scaling, orientation, 3D clean-up operations, asset classification, and more. RapidCompact pre-processes imported 3D data for faster processing and accessibility.

  • 3D data clean-up operations automatically on import/upload
  • Asset classification and spatial data generation
  • Automatic unit conversion into meters on input (scaling is still adjustable in the CMS)
  • Optional orientation correction on import (z-up vs y-up)

3D Content Management System

RapidCompact’s content management system is the backbone of the platform’s user interface.

  • Tagging, labelling, and search functionality
  • Thumbnail rendering for source and optimized assets
  • Spatial asset analytics for source and optimized assets
  • Processing Updates
  • All its functionalities can also be easily accessed via the REST API

Rest API

Teach your 2d platform 3D with RapidCompact! The REST API can be easily integrated into your own platform and take care of all 3D data processes. All platform features are represented as API endpoints and can be fully automated and accessed programmatically.

  • Supports 3D Optimization, PBR rendering, CMS features
  • Various endpoints regarding Authenticating and Licensing, Source Asset, Optimized Asset, Embeds, Pre-sets, Tags, User
  • Supports Event Notifications via Webhooks (avoids polling the API for status updates)

3D Viewer

The 3D Viewer, accessible through the RapidCompact web interface, can be utilized to create customized 3D viewers for website embeds. The 3D viewer editor can be fully customized: 2D Design with custom logos and measurement tool, 3D Scene Settings (Lighting, Shadows), Virtual Camera, Interaction, and Animation Control.

  • Customizable iframe 3D embeds with the viewer editor
  • Automatic link and <iframe> generation
  • Library of Embed links and content is accessible via CMS and API
  • Measure 3D viewing statistics

Thumbnail Rendering

RapidCompact can produce 2D renderings utilizing its internal PBR renderer. The generated thumbnails and 180° previews can also be accessed via the REST API.

  • Quick and efficient rendering of 2D images (GPU independent)
  • Used inside the platform for source asset thumbnails and 180° rotatable thumbnails for optimized asset previews
  • Supports multiple rendering modes (pbr, flat, diffuse, emissive, metallic, roughness, clearcoat, specular, occlusion)

Batch Processing

The RapidCompact Platform and REST API are optimized for batch processing. With the click of a button multiple (or all) source models can be sent into the processing queue for optimization.

  • Unlimited size for the optimization processing queue
  • Process multiple selected source models with any pre-set
  • Unparalleled batch processing speed

World-Leading 3D Optimization

All-in-one 3D Optimization

RapidCompact is not only reducing the 3D mesh size (decimation), but also takes care of scene graph optimization (reducing draw calls), texture baking, unwrapping UVs, and much more. For example, it is capable of preserving and simplifying multiple materials by baking material information from inputs such as vertex/material colors and mesh normal/texture data onto a unified atlas with a single PBR material. In addition, RapidCompact offers various powerful compression algorithms to further decrease file size resulting in faster real-time rendering of 3D content.

  • All these features are neatly packaged into RapidCompact platform pre-sets for one-click-delivery to the right format and size for a given XR platform, WebGL, or custom use-cases.
  • Alternatively, all the Optimization Features can be set up as configuration settings to enable fully automatic batch processing on whole 3D asset libraries using the REST API or CLI.

Polygon decimation

RapidCompact’s unique approach to mesh decimation allows for the most efficient and quality preserving polygon reduction: Additional configurable settings will make the automated decimation workflow a perfect match for your 3D pipeline and use case.

  • High-quality results, even with small polygon counts
  • Preservation of boundaries and adjustment of topological errors
  • Configuration options: Maximize Geometric Quality, Weighted Simplification, Adaptive vs Equalized Polygon Distribution


Material Baking

  • RapidCompact supports PBR materials, as well as some more advanced shaders for USDZ and glTF outputs (PBR Next extensions and much more).
  • The optimization process will adapt to the complexity of the input and produce the most performant output while preserve visual fidelity.
  • Preserves various PBR material inputs such as Physical Mat and Stingray PBS
  • USDZ preview surface support (incl. Clear coat and ior)
  • Bakes normal maps from input
  • Optional occlusion map baking
  • Tiled textures preservation + baking in 2nd UV Atlas
  • Preservation of texture transforms

Draw-Call Reduction

  • With RapidCompact whole 3D scenes can be optimized to cost only one draw call on your end device. This is possible through scene flattening and single atlas optimization.
  • Even complex 3D inputs with intricate materials or animation will result in the smallest number of draw calls as possible.


Optimization Tools

RapidCompact comes with advanced optimization tools, enabling further cleanup and simplification of avoidably complex input data.

  • Removal of mesh lumps or small features especially when it comes to clean-up of 3D scanned data
  • Interior geometry remover



With RapidCompact’s state-of-the-art compression features even the most complex 3D data gets easily digestible on any device without altering the visual fidelity at all.

  • Most up-to-date compression techniques
  • Draco & dracoLossy mesh compression
  • Basis Texture Compression (ktx)


Delivery Presets

Choose from a variety of general or platform specific presets and let the software do the rest. is also possible to simply create a custom preset for a batch of datasets or even a whole product line!

  • Presets that automatically meet strict requirements for various delivery platforms
  • General presets that meet recommended settings for target devices
  • Optional custom presets


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