Applications like SparkAR from Facebook offer great capabilities to create and publish own Augmented Reality filters. Often those applications have certain requirements for the 3D models you can use. With our RapidCompact optimization preset, we got a famous model ready for AR: The glTF flight helmet.

After deleting base and hoses inside the model, which would not have been looking good in the AR filter, we uploaded the glTF model to RapidCompact. In the optimizer menu, simply select the SparkAR preset and click on optimize.

SparkAR preset optimize 3D model

The resulting model is now ready for import to SparkAR! Open a new project and drop the glb file in. You can adjust the position of the 3D model. In our case, we wanted to helmet to be placed onto the head of the user. Publish the effect through the SparkAR application to Facebook and Instagram and you are good to go.

Put on the glTF flight helmet yourself and try out the AR filter on Facebook or Instagram:
AR Effect on Facebook
AR Effect on Instagram

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