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Creating 3D models for high-quality CGI production is an art – and DreamView is one of the leading companies in this domain, providing creative strategy and content solutions for small to enterprise level companies around the world. DGG, being the creators of RapidCompact, knows best how to optimized 3D content for real-time visualization use cases, such as 3D on the Web and AR. Both companies have been successfully cooperating as founding members of the Khronos 3D Commerce group, taking 3D workflows to the next level, together with the world’s leading retailers.

Just in time for SIGGRAPH 2021, DreamView and DGG have now teamed up to show how high-quality 3D experiences can be created at industrial scale – going from CGI content production to real-time use cases, such as AR apps. If you’re visiting the virtual conference, make sure to check out our joint Khronos 3D Commerce BOF presentation!

Jack Asteroid – The Outer Space Man is back!

As a first demo, DreamView created a digital version of a physical action figure of Jack Asteroid, one of legendary “Outer Space Men.” These characters were created in 3D, by DreamView, for Oasis Digital Studios, a Liquid Avatar company. DGG RapidCompact was then used to create an 3D Web and AR experience from the 3D model – try out the result yourself here!

Starting from a photo of the original figure, DreamView created an animated low-poly mesh with real-time PBR materials, which served as the perfect base model for the final version.

DGG then setup the Maya Stingray PBS material as well as material connections and meshes to make sure transparency effects work well in real-time, baked animations in Maya and exported FBX data into RapidCompact for further texture optimization and conversion to optimized glTF and USDZ files.

AR Demo Dreamview Studios and RapidCompact

The final, compact 3D model shows how the original action figure could be animated, and it works on all common mobile devices, including Android and iOS smart phones. Scan the QR code, if it is more convenient for you.

Photorealistic product presentations with switchable colorways

As a second showcase, DreamView created photorealistic 3D models of an office chair, coming with different colorways. The resulting 3D models were used to generate high-quality, photorealistic imagery, that can be used for the creation of catalog images. For high-quality renderings, DreamView used a scene setup based on V-Ray materials. Here are some example renderings:

In order to get the asset ready for Web-based 3D and AR, DGG converted these to 3dsMax Physical Material and then exported them to FBX, after which the model was optimized with RapidCompact, producing the final glTF and USDZ files. To switch the five different colorways, respective functionality was added to the resulting Web & AR viewer demo application. Try it out yourself here! Or simply scan the QR code below.

Real-time 3D presentations like this are getting more popular in retail, as people see the value they bring in increasing conversion rates and reducing returns.

As founding members of the Khronos 3D Commerce group, both DreamView and DGG have built up strong expertise and years of experience, working with leading retailers to help them take their assets into the third dimension and making them ready for the age of spatial computing.

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