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Meet us at our booth, our presentation and our reception

We´re very excited about the Siggraph convention in Los Angeles this year as it is the 50th Siggraph anniversary. We have a lot of things to share and would love to meet you there.

For us the fourth Siggraph convention is our biggest event ever, with a 20″ x 20″ (6m x 6m) large booth where we show our main product RapidCompact as well as our newest product extension RapidPBR.


Where to find us ?

Our Booth #837 at the exhibition floor

From Tuesday, August 8 to Thursday, August 11 – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm PDT
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center (Booth #837) … more about the exhibition

Come by our booth, have a chat and experience RapidCompact and our new product first hand. With three stations for our main platform, a mobile AR station and a VR station you can try and feel how simple it is to create realtime 3D models for any device and platform with ease. Get help if you want to learn how to use RapidCompact, learn more about our newest solution and talk to developers if you want to know more about how you can integrate RapidCompact into your own pipeline, website, application or system.



Our presentation: ´Geometry, Textures, and Workflow – Optimizing glTF´

Tuesday, August 8: 8:30-10:00 am PDT
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center (Room 513)

Description: Discover cutting-edge techniques to optimize glTF content for real-time presentation.  Learn how to streamline your workflow while preserving essential information. The panel will address various methods to reduce file and GPU memory size including geometric compression, texture compression, texture baking, geometric simplification, and intelligent node structure organization – all without compromising visual quality. Learn to balance file size and visual fidelity for optimal performance across platforms.

We encourage attendees to share their own experiences and problems with optimization so it can be discussed by the panelists and other attendees.


  • Max Limper (DGG)
  • Adam Morris (Cesium)
  • Pawel Nikiel (DGG)
  • Andreas Vasilakis (Phasmatic)


Open Source Day from the Academy Software Foundation

Sunday, August 6: 10:00 am -6:30 pm PDT
Location: JW MARRIOTT L.A. LIVE (900 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles)


Open Source Days, hosted by Academy Software Foundation, is the leading event dedicated to open source software for visual effects, animation, and digital content creation.

Join us in-person or virtually to hear from visual effects/animation studios, software vendors, and other professionals about emerging open source projects, best practices, and the latest updates to popular open source projects.

New this year – leading up to our main program on August 6, we will be holding a series of virtual town halls for Academy Software Foundation projects including MaterialX, OpenColorIO, OpenAssetIO, Open RV, xStudio, OpenTimelineIO, and OpenEXR, among others. Projects will share milestones, highlights, future roadmaps, and answer questions from the community. You can attend some or all of the town halls! Check out the schedule and register for the ones you’re interested in here.


Khronos Ecosystem Forum

Tuesday, August 8: 8:00-10:00 pm PDT
Location: The Conga Room (800 West Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles)

Description: As glTF continues to gain amazing momentum and adoption as the pervasive file format for runtime 3D asset delivery, we consider your expertise and influence in the industry as an integral part of the discussions on the future of glTF. The forum will offer insights into upcoming advancements, opportunities for collaboration, and the chance to influence the course of glTF’s evolution.


DGG reception ´Golf, Games, Graphics´  

Tuesday, August 8: 8:00-10:00 pm PDT
Co-Hosted by: Shutterstock and Threedy

Description: Play Golf, hang out, chat and socialize with fun…

  • This exclusive event is INVITE ONLY, so make sure to come by our booth to get a ticket and find out about the location!…




Welcome RapidPBR!

Welcome our newest RapidCompact extension RapidPBR, an automated solution to convert offline CGI 3D scenes to universal PBR. RapidPBR converts offline CGI scenes and 3D models to universal PBR for use in any compatible 3D application, device or website.

Try the free demo or get in touch!

Upload and process 3D models with the free web demo or get in touch if you have any question. We´re happy to help…

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