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Getting CGI content ready for real-time with glTF” was the topic of Max Limpers talk at the past glTF  Virtual Meetup which was organized by the Khronos Group. The recorded session from January 24, 2023 is now available.  

About the Khronos Group glTF Virtual Meetup 

The glTF Virtual Meetups from the Khronos Group are regular online events where the Khronos 3D Formats Working Group interacts with the glTF community and experts present use cases, best practices, tooling updates and live demos and answer questions live. 

Preparing glTF assets for real-time and metaverse applications 

The members of the Khronos 3D Formats Working Group discussed how to prepare glTF assets for real-time and metaverse applications as they investigate the next generation of glTF capabilities and applications. 

In his talk, DGGs CEO Max demonstrated an automated process that allows e-shops to integrate real-time 3D models directly into their websites. A wide range of target systems and 3D viewers may utilize the optimized glTF models. 

For an even deeper look around the glTF data format, there’s more to discover in our November 2022 blog article on the glTF Webinar with Max.

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