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Khronos glTF Webinar Fall 2022

On November 3rd DGG’s CEO Max Limper was part of the glTF Webinar 2022 organized by the Khronos Group. It was all about “How Do We Solve the Challenges of glTF Asset Creation?”.

The one-hour webinar focused on the glTF 3D data format and how to create 3D assets with it. Speakers were DGG’s CEO Max, other Khronos members and members of the 3D Commerce Asset Creation TSG. Among them Eric Chadwick (Wayfair), Mike Festa (Super DNA 3D Lab) and Paweł Nikiel (CGTrader).

The individual presentations showcased the current work and possible solutions of the Khronos Group in the area of asset creation with glTF. They were followed by a Q&A session and a panel of industry experts.

Challenges in the creation of 3D assets are for example the different requirements of individual target applications, hardware and bandwidth contraints as well as varous software / format requirements. Possible solutions for these challenges are automated pipelines for 3D data processing and optimization, definition of fallback mechanism and of publishing targets. Latter is part of the Asset Creation Guidelines that are a result of the efforts of the Asset Creation TSG.

For more detailed insights into the software and hardware requirements for creating 3D assets, watch the recorded session of the glTF Webinar 2022 on YouTube. There you can also find the talks of the other participants and the Q&A session afterwards.

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