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Advances in 3D have evolved many industries, such as the world of fashion. Digital fashion is useful for a more accurate design of the garment. Besides,  it allows the customer to better imagine the garment when shopping online. However, adapting these models to realtime for uploading to websites can be a long and complex process. With RapidCompact 6.3.0, you can make garments realtime with just one click.

In this month’s Model of the Month, we present the optimisation process of a puffer jacket. The jacket has been created in digital fashion software. It contains several material extensions that give it its distinctive plastic-like look. These include KHR_materials_iridescence and KHR_materials_specular. In addition, the jacket features an Ambient Occlusion map.

Using the new Remeshing workflow in the Cloud, the materials have been preserved as in the original model. However, the model has been reduced from 850 K faces to 60 K polygons. Thus, the original 30 MB model is now only 2.2 MB. The jacket can now be used on websites and web applications smoothly.

In addition, viewing this model in Augmented Reality is easier than ever with the new QR Code functionality of the RapidCompact viewer. Just scan the code with your mobile device to open the link in your mobile browser. You can then directly open the model in AR and see the jacket just in front of you.

You can take a close look at the result of the puffer jacket in this embed we have prepared. Go ahead and test the QR code too!

* Please notice that the Khronos iridescence and specular extensions cause plastic-like material of the jacket. Since these extensions are exclusive to glTF, the materials in AR might look different.

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