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2022 comes to an end an we are looking forward to 2023! With our new 3D scanned Model of the Month we want to wish you all happy holidays and a good start into the next year!

As part of the holiday season, the team at DGG usually sends out annual Christmas cards encoded with a 3D model. Keeping with the festive theme, the model of choice for this year’s card was a 3D scanned model of a Gingerbread house.  

Typically, 3D scanned models tend to be quite large. This case was no exception. The selected model was initially 195.95 MB in size, having about 2.99 million polygons. Such a file size is too large to implement in AR.  However, using RapidCompact, we were able to optimize the model and reduce it to a mere 3.1 MB with only 34K polygons.

Gingerbread House comparison

To ensure the model was ready for viewing in AR, the recently added “Augmented reality function” which allows users to view embeds in AR was used. Our blogpost from August showcased this and more features. 

As shown above, the Gingerbread house maintained all its details despite being much smaller than it initially was. 

To view the optimized version model scan the QR code below or take a look at it in 3D and AR.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!

We’re looking forward to providing new 3D Model of the Months to showcase the capabilities and opportunities of RapidCompact. But right at the beginning of 2023 we would like to share a little review of our “Year in Review 2022”. Stay tuned!


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