With the RapidCompact version 6 update we’ve added impressive new features and several improvements for handling your 3D models. Let’s have a look at the most important changes. 

RapidCompact 6.0.0

This major update 6 supports a new screenspace target option for compact and decimation, an improved MB (megabyte) target option, new rendering shading modes for previews, WebP texture compression, USD export and a new option to adjust AO strength in the Cloud.  

Before looking at the changelog excerpt, let’s have a more detailed look on the two major features screenspace target and MB target option.  


Screenspace and MegaByte targets 

With these new automatic target options you can set a screenspace or megabyte target, or both, to optimize your 3D models for a specific screen size or file size. Check out our YouTube video about the screenspace target option.

Screenspace target for 3D models

Option to set screenspace target or megabyte target within the RapidCompact platform


Here is the excerpt from the changelog:  

  • New rendering shading modes for individual material properties 
  • Added option to export USD file format 
  • Adjust AO strength with slider in preset editor 
  • Model IDs are now searchable 


RapidCompact 6.1.0 

The most recent update includes several enhancements for handling USD files, support for the glTF iridescence extension, better performance and several more improvements and fixes.  

RapidCompact now supports glTF’s KHR_materials_iridescence extension

Here is an excerpt of the changelog: 

  • Support for glTF’s KHR_materials_iridescence extension 
  • Added settings to replace textures with material values if the maximum pixel error is below specified threshold 
  • Improved support for instanced mesh data from USD files 
  • Improved support for UV and normal indices from USD files 
  • Improved support for finding materials in USD files 
  • Improved baking performance for non-flattened assets 

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