RT3D experts by RapidCompact is our newly established sequence of deep insights into the current challenges of real-time 3D technology. As kick-off, we organized a series of talks which are all about scalable 3D pipelines for real-time use and recent advancements in XR and 3D technology.

The event took place on December 9, 2021, fully-remotely. We invited retailers, 3D configurator creators and 3D scanning companies from all over the world. It was a great opportunity to facilitate networking and exchange among DGG’s clients and partners and encourage cooperation.

Our six RT3Dexperts presented a variety of topics starting with massive-scale 3D content pipelines and preparing assets for virtual try-on use-cases and ending with modeling specification and standards that can help companies build digital twins of their products.

The event started with a keynote by Paweł Nikiel from CGTrader. He explained how they solve the problem of mass 3D asset production and its scalable delivery pipeline. RapidCompact by DGG becomes a part of the pipeline in the high poly workflow automation when it comes to geometry optimization.

In the second keynote of the day Stephan Leroux from Shopify gave some insights into how 3D assets are acting as the next generation media type for the buyers of today and tomorrow.

How to say goodbye to vendor lock-ins and hello to open formats and micro-services was the topic of Ekki Beier’s talk. The CEO of intelligentgraphics explained which advantages the implementation of open formats entail and presented three open 3D configurator solutions from the company.

There were also two presentations about real-time 3D content in e-commerce. Our CTO Max Limper discussed the three key challenges to build up a scalable pipeline and how to solve them in the future. The other e-commerce related presentation came from Ken Varner, director of the Innovation Lab at botspot AG. He introduced the path to high-volume production of 3D shoe assets combining visual quality, small sizes, and the fully automated workflow from scan to app input.

The day was concluded by a presentation of Beau Perschall from Shutterstock. TurboSquid by Shutterstock has been at the forefront of 3D modeling standards for over 12 years. The director of 3D Business Development showcased their Project Gemini modeling specification and standards that can help companies build their digital twin content once and deploy it wherever it is needed now and well into the future.

A big thanks to the six speakers and every attendee who took their time in the middle of Christmas preparations. We’re really looking forward to organizing more events and panels within our new series “RT3Dexperts”. If you would like to watch or re-watch the presentations yourself, please check out our YouTube channel, and subscribe to receive updates on future talks as well!

Check out all sessions from our kick-off event RT3Dexperts by RapidCompact:

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