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Automated 3D model processing in any application

What is RapidCompact API ? 


Our REST API is a Application Programming Interface for RapidCompact which can be integrated into any system. It serves as a powerful tool to offload fully-automated 3D conversion and optimization work, remotely via our cloud servers or locally on premise. 

If you need to automate format conversion of 3D models or optimization for realtime use in web shops, augmented reality or Metaverse applications, our API provides a simple and powerful way to offload this work to RapidCompact – at scale.

The entire conversion, optimization and distribution process can be fully automated, including CAD import (Professional & Enterprise plans only), UV unwrapping, texture baking, geometry reduction, culling of invisible parts, geometry and texture compression and format conversion to a wide variety of 3D formats (glTF, GLB, USD, USDZ, FBX, OBJ and more). You can even create preview renderings on import, use 360° turntable renders and create and configure web 3D viewers with support for Augmented Reality on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Whether you´re a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system provider, a 3D platform provider, a manufacturer of retail or fashion products, a game developer, a film studio or a Metaverse plattform… when dealing with large volumes of 3D models, conversion and optimization can become a real bottleneck. 

This is where our API is the perfect solution to integrate seamlessly into your own pipelines and systems. Let RapidCompact (API) do the heavy work for you, and bring value to your customers to scale up their adoption of 3D technology.

Our API documentation explains and illustrates how easy RapidCompact can be deployed using Python or Javascript. 



Whats new in API v2 ? 


The recent v2 update of our API includes many improvements and additions.

What does this mean for you and your clients? With our V2 API, we have taken performance and ease of use to another level, meaning that your API requests will be processed faster, and the new API allows you to do things that were impossible before. This includes native handling of optimization presets, as well as a multi-optimize endpoint and the option to create 3D embeds directly from base assets, amongst other new features and improvements.

Compared to the first version (v1), the new API introduces new endpoints in the areas Base Asset (Source Model), Embeds (3D Viewer), Presets (Optimization Presets) and Rapid Model (Optimized Model).

Here is a list of new and changed endpoints per area:


  • Multi Optimize (new)
  • Get Download URLs (new)
  • Download zip (new)
  • Optimize (changed)
  • Get Base Assets (changed)
  • Process (removed)


  • Create Embed from Base Asset (new)
  • Get Embeds (changed)
  • Get Embed (changed)
  • Create Embed (changed)


  • Get all Factory Presets (new)
  • Download Preset (new)
  • Create Preset (changed)


  • Get Rapid Models (changed)
  • Get Rapid Model (changed)

For more details on the changes from v1 to v2 and examples, please view this MIGRATION GUIDE.


Use cases and examples

Here are two examples of our customers who have successfully implemented RapidCompact via API into their 3D pipelines and systems:



“Fibbl’s mission of mass-producing 3D models of consumer goods means that we need to cut time and cost without jeopardising quality. That is why we are using DGG’s RapidCompact as an integral part of our production pipeline.

With RapidCompact’s easy-to-implement API we are able to automatically compress and convert our high quality 3D models for all of our relevant applications, saving an immeasurable amount of time of manual work because of the sheer volume of 3D models we produce.

It is truly a game changer for our scalable 3D production pipeline.”     (Joakim Tennfors, Head of Production)




With RapidCompact, we experience impressive optimization of 3D models. RapidCompact enables a level of quality and storage reduction that surpasses our previous methods. Thanks to the efficient optimization and compression provided by RapidCompact, the complex CAD models of our customers can be displayed on mobile devices in seconds, with high quality.     (Nina Blömer, Product Manager)

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