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New Website Mock-Up

We are pleased to announce our newly designed website which launched November 3, 2022. Our new website is now faster, simpler to use and contains more information about what RapidCompact is and how it helps. Here are five highlights:  

New Product and Enterprise page

Our newly added product and enterprise subpages will provide you with more information on our solutions. Besides general benefits there is also an overview of technical features that are supported by RapidCompact.  

Blog with examples, case studies and 3D processes

Nearly 60 posts are now on our blog. In the future, we will continue to fill it with more case studies, 3D processes and Models of the Month.  

Interactive 3D model savings calculator

Automation is key! You can see how time-efficient the production of interactive 3D models is with RapidCompact in our Interactive 3D model savings calculator which is located on the subpage “Enterprise”. Try it out! 

Augmented Reality Examples

Recently RapidCompact supports the view of optimized 3D models also in augmented reality (AR). How this can look is shown, among other things, by our new Hero directly on the start page. To try it out, simply scan the QR code and see how the chair could look in your home. 

Or try out how your 3D model could look in AR within a social media app like Instagram. Our SIGGRAPH 2022 booth is an example of this use case.  


Job Opportunities

Our redesigned career page will give you insights on job opportunities. Browse our openings and get in touch with us – we are always looking for exceptional talents to help us on our mission! 

What do you think? Have you already scrolled through our website? We would be very happy to hear your thoughts. Feel free to get in touch with us. 

We’ll be regularly adding new, exciting and interesting content to our website, including jobs, blog posts and more. Stay tuned! 

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