We are making new default presets available, to help you reach your goals more easily by choosing the right 3D workflow with a single click. So far, the RapidCompact platform offered presets that were driven by the limitations of various target platforms like Lens Studio, Spark AR and many more. We noticed, not all of them reflect the wide range of features in RapidCompact.  

With the ready-made optimization presets in RapidCompact you can create the best variant for your target use case. After uploading your 3D model, you can simply choose the fitting setting from a menu. Additionally, with the multi-select function, you can get a batch of models ready for many targets simultaneously.   

Presets by Application

The presets for different target applications are a great opportunity to quickly achieve the best possible results. That’s why we didn’t remove the default presets for applications. From now on, you can find them in the second tab. Try it out with our Apple Vision Pro preset that helps you get your 3D scene ready in one click.  

Presets by feature

Since the application presets only reflect platform limitations like file size or polygon amount, we want our users also to be able to quickly access the key features of RapidCompact. This includes for example:  

  • Preserving UVs simplifies a textured 3D mesh and makes sure existing UVs, normals and scene graphs are kept as they are. 
  • Baking & Decimation:  bakes new textures from a model´s textures and geometry. New UVs are created, and the scene graph is flattened. 
  • Baking & Remeshing: instead of decimating a 3D mesh, simplifies the geometry using a shrink-wrapping approach. It can be beneficial in models with intricate geometry patterns that might break with decimation. And where the general shape should be preserved at different refinement levels.  
  • KTX Compression: KTX (Khronos Texture) is an efficient, lightweight container format for reliably distributing GPU textures to diverse platforms and applications  
  • WebP Textures: WebP is a cutting-edge image format developed by Google. It excels at compressing images more efficiently than other formats, resulting in significantly smaller sizes of your 3D model. 

So, if you are looking for those features, we got you covered! You can find our five new feature presets in the new “General” tab in the RapidCompact platform. 

With that, we make the asset creation process easier by setting the correct configurations and optimization presets for you. You will not need any specific knowledge about 3D optimization and can get started right away. 

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