RapidPBR Closed Beta First Steps

Thank you for your interest in RapidPBR for converting CGI files to universal PBR! Please follow these instructions for your first steps.

1. Quick walkthrough 

Step through what you need to convert 3ds Max with V-Ray files to GLB with PBR.

2. Sample data

The sample data below will help you to get going right away:


3. Upload

When RapidPBR is enabled, the purple 3ds Max V-Ray label is added to acceptable file types. To upload, please create and upload a ZIP file with the .max file including all related textures and assets (no subfolders). 


4. Process

As soon as the files are uploaded, RapidPBR will start converting them. As files that include many materials or textures can take half an hour or more, you might want to grab a beverage, and we’ll keep working! 

5. Use your PBR-ready 3D Model

Look at your 3D PBR model in real-time, download the glTF, or use RapidCompact to create a 3D Web viewer with or without AR and VR capabilities!

6. Feedback

This is a closed beta and we want your feedback. What bugs, performance issues, or user experience problems did you have? Please Create a Support Ticket from the help (?) menu. 

Questions? Please check our quickstart video above, or have a look at the documentation.

For questions on how your data is handled, please see the Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.